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Meet the expert trainers who do a counseling to suggest what regime of exercise, nutrition and workouts is it for you to reach your specific goal. And with what time span. Fitness? Body-building? Just weight-loss and burning calories? Choose a package and adhere to it to experience the miracle of transformation your body undergoes thanks to M & M's well-thought out, customized exercise regime.We have a range of state-of-the-art gym equipments to suit your fitness needs. Our trainers would sit with you, put you at ease and help you choose the right course leading you towards your goal.M & M will also oer therapeutic exercise packages so as to help you recover from any ailment or disease you might be suffering from.


No workout is a shortcut. M & M is no exception.If there's any immediate result, it is that feel good sensation you go through thanks to the secretion of endorphin following the exercises.

Obviously regular workout leads to weight loss and muscle gain. Every pound of muscle you gain depends on your age, hereditary factors, diet, gender and baseline fitness. In case of men, it is from 1.5 to 2.5 pounds of muscle every month whereas women average, the gain is half a pound every week if you adhere to a strict regime. Male chauvinists cheer up! Women are slow in gaining muscles. They are half as fast as men. So it is one pound in a month for female.

At M&M, results can be seen as little as in a week if you cut calories and do heavy workouts. The miracle you perceive in the first week that is a loss of more than two pounds is due to your shedding of extra water retention. Stick to the goal of 2 pounds a week, that's all.

Cardio work outs pay off in a week's time in terms of increase in endurance. 4-5 weeks over you experience considerable changes in your lung capacity. A mix of cardio with other workouts like on the treadmill, elliptical and arc trainers, the row machine, swimming, jogging, bicycle riding, hiking would see your heart capable of pumping blood more efficiently.

Within seven days you feel more flexible. When it comes to toning, generally,two weeks is all it takes to get the initial results. The toning exercises don’t tear into your muscles, so do it every day so that the resulting contraction makes the body appear more defined.


There’s more to it than just burning of calories. Our exercises are designed to make your body more flexible, improve total body composition, improve cardiovascular endurance and lead to an overall positive outlook with strong mind. Our exercises concentrate more on your posture so that you are more agile and less vulnerable to injuries. Focusing more on your torso, our exercises enhance your strength and stability.

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